SodaCoda silicone stick on bra

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Stick on chicken fillets?

As a female who was not particularly blessed in the chest department, I am always interested in anything that suggests enhancing what god gave me (or didn’t give me!).
So, when SodaCoda approached me about a product review I was instantly drawn to a product which claimed to be a breast enhancer. They are commonly known as “chicken fillets”, but I think a little more sophisticated than the general stereotype of this title. The very simple concept is a silicone filled, stick on, backless bra which simply attaches itself to the skin. No need for anything else. Ideal for backless dresses or tops which gap under the arm when even a strapless bra is no good.

It took me a little while to get my boobs positioned correctly, but once I had there is was no moving this stick on bra. My first thoughts was that it would fall off or the stick would wear off, but I was pleasantly surprised at how secure I felt. It stuck so well that I was even able to position my breasts to give a bit of push up, meaning a modest cleavage, which for me is a small miracle!
I have used it twice so far and I can see little sign of the “stick” wearing off, so it is certainly not just a one evening product.

No under arm straps
Can even waear a backless top

I had a browse around the rest of their collection and found some amazing, quirky body shaping products. Bum bras was one of the items which particularly got my attention. The idea of pushing my bum up seemed quite intriguing. I know that the “Brazilian Bum” is fashionable at the moment, I’m not sure if I am quite ready to try this product, but I admit that I am curious!
They also have a great collection of shaping swimwear that will undoubtedly be a winner as it hots up.
One product that I WILL be trying is the Micro Derma Roller. I have heard reports from close friends of mine that they are amazing for age prevention and for blemishes.

Check out their website for some creative, new quirky products;

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