hedgehog prints for winter

Hedgehog prints for Winter days

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Super cute hedgehog prints

OK, it’s been mild. Very mild. Crazy mild in fact. 21 degrees in London in November??? Well up here in sunny (NOT!) Lancashire it has officially changed. The rain cometh, and when it’s rained, it has rained…….:-( It’s dark, cold and rainy. Best way to cheer ourselves up? Invest in cute animal sweaters.


The Hedgehog (I couldn’t resist the baby image, must be my mummy side). Super cute. November is the month when hedgehogs decide that it is getting too damn cold and it’s a good time to go and have a sleep until March. (oh to be a hedgehog!)

So to celebrate this genius and very adorable animal we thought it fitting to wear them on our knitwear.

hedgehog prints


This green hedgehog print sweater is perfect for pretty much every occasion. A favourite with kids and a favourite with the grown ups too.

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